Next Level Gelato & Juice Bar

Homemade gelato & fresh juice at the heart of Linnégatan in Gothenburg.

Get cozy inside our shop, pickup your ice cream curbside or have it delivered to your door.
Your choice.

Homemade gelato made out of the freshest ingredients. No artificial flavours or additives.

We offer only the finest Italian ice cream crafted from organic components. We update our flavours according to season.
Treat yourself with a tasty gelato or a freshly squeezed juice.
Don’t settle for less.

Opening hours

Please check our google maps page for the most up-to-date hours, or click here














Linnégatan 40, 413 08 Göteborg


Watermelon Mix

Watermelon, berry gelato, raspberry

SEK 110

Pina Colada

Pineapple, coconut sorbet, coconut oil.

SEK 110

Swedish Berrymix

Apple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry

SEK 110


Lemon sorbet, orange, lemon, mint.

SEK 110

Honey Bee

Apple, honey, mango, strawberry

SEK 110

Mango Passion

Mango, strawberry, banana, passion fruit, raspberry.

SEK 110

Pommegranate Juice


Orange Juice


Carrot Juice



Level 1

Green apple, lemon, ginger.

From SEK 35

Level 2

Lemon, ginger.

From SEK 35

Level 3

Lemon, ginger, turmeric.

From SEK 35

Level 4

Lemon, ginger, turmeric, chili.

From SEK 35

Level 5

Lemon, ginger, turmeric, habanero chili.

From SEK 35


Raffaello Coconut


Sicilian Pistachio





Banana Nutella


Gelato Sorbet




Home delivery

For deliveries we offer gelato in packages. 500 grams for 190:- and one kilo for 350:-.

You can of course order juices, smoothies and coffee as well but please keep in mind the minimum order amount.

Order through us

Call us and get your ice cream delivered to your door.
Minimum order: 500:-


Uber Eats

What people think

Jacob Bellayuto
Jacob Bellayuto
10. December, 2022.
The ice cream was really good, as was the hot chocolate. But, the best part was the owner. Easily the nicest most hospitable restaurant owner/host/server I’ve ever had in Europe. Awesome experience
eden's google drive
eden's google drive
9. December, 2022.
very lovely service even gave us an extra scoop to share "because it's the weekend!" tack så mycket :)
9. December, 2022.
very good gelato and amazing hot chocolate
Ashley M
Ashley M
8. December, 2022.
My favorite gelato spot in Gothenburg!! Service was extremely welcoming, we tasted almost all the flavors before even buying it and we love pistachio the most (every time going there would order). Other flavors such as pomegranate, saffran, melon were very tasty too. We also recommend ginger shots!👍
3. December, 2022.
for what it’s worth; this is my first and only review. 10/10 service serving 10/10 ice cream
13. November, 2022.
yummy gelato at a very affordable price. The place is also cutely decorated.
Brianna Hansen
Brianna Hansen
12. November, 2022.
The employee was super nice and let us try a bunch of different flavors and the ice cream was amazing!! Plus one of the only places open late on a Saturday night. Would come here again!!

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Take your event to the next level. Offer your guests premium gelato and juices straight from our gelato truck.

Treat your guests with something special. Let us serve our ice cream at your party, festival or other event.
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For businesses

Want to offer our gelato at your place?

Sell our products to your customers. We provide you with packaging that will fit your business perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you run a restaurant, café or convenience store.
Give us a call and we’ll happily discuss this further.



Linnégatan 40, 413 08 Göteborg